Repair and replacement

Our upholstery repair services can bring new life to an interior that's failing or showing its age. We can repair or replace headliners, seats, carpets, and other interior trim. We also install and modify interior kits. 


Headliner repair and replacement

One of the things that plagues old and new cars alike is sagging or damaged headliner. We can source a complete headliner and base from the manufacturer, match your headliner material to the current one and recover it, or better yet upgrade that headliner by recovering it with your choice of material and color.

In order to properly repair your headliner, we must completely remove all of the associated interior trim such as pillar trim, lights, handles, and visors. Once all of the trim holding your headliner up is removed, we can either replace it with a complete replacement from the manufacturer or remove the failing material from the headliner board. Underneath your failing headliner material or “skin” is most likely old foam that has started to fail and turn to dust. This would be why your headliner skin is no longer attached to the headliner board. Because your headliner material has nothing to stick to it drops down. Usually this is along the front edge of the headliner or along complex curves in the headliner board. All of the old foam must be removed before we apply a new “skin” so that when we go to glue in the new “skin” it adheres properly to the headliner board. Then reinstallation is just working backwards, ensuring that everything is installed the way it came out. 


Seat cover repair and replacement

If the seats in your vehicle are worn and damaged then we can help! The upholstery in your vehicle tends to get worn down over time from extended use. The bolster on the side where you get into the vehicle wears down from getting rubbed on and the foam underneath condenses. We can repair or replace those parts of your upholstery. Maybe you are looking to upgrade your cloth interior to leather. We also sell and install kits for changing up the seats in your vehicle.

When you bring your vehicle to McFarland Upholstery for seat repair, we perform an inspection to make sure all relevant electrical components function properly. We disconnect your vehicle's battery and remove the seat from your vehicle. With the seat out of the vehicle we inspect the seat frame for any damage and remove all relevant trim and electronics in order to gain access to the seat cover. The seat cover is held onto the frame by hog rings or j-clips for most vehicles. Once the seat cover is removed, we have access to the seat foam and can either replace it or repair it as needed. Then we work backwards after installing your replacement cover, ensuring everything functions as it did before it came into the shop. 


Carpet repair and replacement

If your carpet is falling apart or you want to change up the interior let us help you source and install your new carpet.

When you bring your vehicle to McFarland Upholstery for carpet repair, we remove all interior components obstructing the removal of the carpet such as the seats, and trim along the floor. If you choose to have a pre-made upholstery kit ordered for your vehicle we then modify and install it. If you want to have a specific carpet material installed, we cut and shape it to ensure perfect fitment then reinstall all of the interior components we removed. 


Have a project in need of upholstery or foam? Let us help!

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