Custom Upholstery

There is so much that goes into producing quality upholstery. In order to ensure a beautiful piece, you need to pay attention to things like seam allowance, sewing straight, making perfect patterns, and much more. Come see why you should bring your next project to us!


Upholstery restoration

Some vehicles came from the manufacturer so perfect it doesn’t make sense to do a custom interior, however that does not mean that time won’t affect the upholstery of your investment. Let us help you bring back the life to your upholstery by sourcing the period correct material for restoring your interior.

Custom automotive Upholstery

Our bread and butter is flawless and unique custom automotive upholstery. We give each project the utmost attention to detail and will design the perfect upholstery piece for your project.

Once your vehicle is finished at your builder or being assembled, we start by getting a plan for your upholstery. You will go over the different material and design possibilities to establish a build plan for your project and be in constant communication with us as we upholster your vehicle. For more questions about the process give us a call!


Have a project in need of upholstery or foam? Let us help!

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